KB55S - EB75GS Typ 1

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Application range, designs

EC-type examination certificate KB 55 S
UCM-type examination certificate KB 55
EC-type examination certificate EB 75 GS
UCM-type examination certificate EB 75 GS

EU-SG 374
NL12-400-1002-169-01 Rev.1
EU-SG 289
NL12-400-1002-169-05 Rev.1

Q+P total mass [kg] max.

Q+P total mass [kg] min.



Tripping speed [m/s] max.


Guide rail head [mm]


Minimum running surface width [mm] min.



Versions Style Guide [mm] Rated speed [m/s] Rope distance [mm] Actuating bar Download
Typ1-0-V1-0 between the angles 16-19   250/270/290 Inside Download Drawing PDF
Typ1-1-V1-0 between the angles 20-32   260/280/300 Inside Download Drawing PDF
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Capacity range, diagram

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Documentation, manuals

Further instructions and documentation in the download section under

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