Rope LF30CA

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Application range, designs

EU type-examination certificate


allowed Tripping speed [m/s]

0,80 - 2,05

allowed Rated speed [m/s]

≤ 1,78

 Round rope of steel wires [Ø/mm]

6 - 8


Mounting Outside

Mounting inside

Versions of the remote activating, and anti-sliding device in 24Vcc,48Vcc,63Vcc,190Vcc,230Vac

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Documentation, manuals

Further instructions and documentation in the download section under

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Standard design
  • Manual activation (button)
  • Expiry protection
  • Incidence protection
Optional accessories
  • Hardened groove
  • Test groove
  • Remote release
  • Overspeed switch SEL20
  • Tripping switch
  • Anti-sliding protection AD20
  • Injury protection
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